Friday, 30 May 2014

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones are easily diagnosed and treated in Ayurveda. Cases where allopathy recommends surgery are also quickly addressed in ayurveda. 

(treated in Sanjeevani, Dr. P.L.T. Girija)

Shri J, aged 28

Medical History
The patient works as a TV mechanic – and was referred to here by Perumal, a car driver who comes here for all his medical problems. He was having a side pain, and a doctor friend told him to go to the Chengalpet Government Hospital. There they gave him an injection, checked the urine, and referred him to Dr. U, the ‘stone specialist’ of Chengalpet (who also works in the government hospital.) Stones are attended to in the government hospital only one day a week – other days one goes to private hospitals. There a scan was recommended, and stones were confirmed. He was given tablets for a week, but the pain continued. This time he was given an injection, and then 10 X rays were taken at ½ hour intervals. He was told that it was a calcium stone, and only protein stones can be dissolved and that so an operation was essential. He was told that the stone size was 7mm, and the urethra width was 8mm and that so urgent attention was needed. He was also told that there was no guarentee that stones would not recur. He called his uncle Perumal, a car driver, who asked him to come here straight to Sanjeevani. His daily diet includes over 10 teas a day, and he travels a lot on bike.

On Aug 17th 2009, he came with a severe pain in lower abdomen and right side, on-off. He felt feverish and his urine was yellow, and on-and-off blocked. When he eats spicy food his urine burns. He was put on medicines including Vastiamayanthaka gritham, Veeratharadi kashayam, Chandraprabha vati, Goksuradi guggulu, Nerinjil mullu+Chirupelai. After two days the stone passed out in urine. He used to have a headache on getting up and a backpain. Everything got resolved along this treatment.
Problem addressed in 2 days.

The scan cost 1000/-, the 10 X-rays 2500/-. The allopathic doctor consultations were 100/-. The laser operation would have costed 15000/- -and with no guarentee of non recurrence.
Here the whole ayurvedic expense including the travel cost him Rs. 1500/- only. The patient was very happy. He has since referrd many patients to Sanjeevani who have been treated and cured for the same complaint..

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