Wednesday, 28 May 2014

... after the catarct operation

The poor lead such fragile lives. None but those with a very hard heart need to even go near them. Or those who can take their heart breaking and breaking ...

Eashwaramma's eye which was operated on for cataract has been paining badly, and watering. I keep telling myself that its normal, because it has to be. Her other eye is blind. But people I have asked have told me that after their surgeries they had no pain.

Her only asset in the world is her one room, her one cow-calf. Many times I have asked her to sell the cow as with her arthritic legs she is unable to care for it. But she clings to it tenaciously. Only someone who's earthly possession is a cow will undertand that value.She looks after it with the love that she bestows on the orphaned grandchildren who are dependent on her.
 To watch the poverty in this country is soul destroying ... what it could mean to live it, may we never never know ...

That calf seems to have grazed on something that did not agree with it, and since morning has been unable to get on its feet. She has been gathering vamiti leaf, pounding it with garlic and pepper and feeding it. She is terrified it will die. I am terrified she will damage her operated eye, and lose complete sight ... were she not to take the required rest.

While there are Eashwarammas ... the bells toll for us.

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