Saturday, 31 May 2014

Dharmam from the stage of the womb.

Dharmam in inculcated from prenatal stage, through infancy into adulthood. The attitude of sharing itself is structurally built into customs. There is the concept that if when a pregnant woman is eating something, and someone comes by and she tightens her hold on it and hides it to avoid sharing it, God also similarly tightens the baby in the abdomen. When the time of delivary comes, delivary gets difficult.  

Chinapaapakka told me that a pregnant mother may desire something very much and be eating it. If someone comes by, she should not hide it behind her and that  Dharmam is to share it. 

In case of difficult deliveries the mother distributes betel leaf to the women around and says 'naa katiyaanam poo', begging to be forgiven for acts of omission as above referred to.

One has to remember that this is in communities which barely have enough for addressing hunger, and not for extras nor for good nutrition.

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