Saturday, 31 May 2014

Dharmam is higher than money power

The poor are not vanquished, because they live in a dharmam that is higher than money power. Village local loans are given at 24% to 120% interest rates. Krishnaveni of the neighbouring village is a sought after money lender who charges 100% to 120%.

Eashwaramma, the poorest of the poor, said of her, 'But the God above is keeping accounts of this act. To charge 120% is not dharmam. To charge 24% is dharmam. At 24% the loaner and the borrower can both survive'.

Krishnaveni may claim her interest, but people know that she is not following dharmam. And she knows that they know. She will be in check because she knows this is adharmam.

The same dharmam tells them that 'addukkoni tinnedi' - for the mendicant 'to ask for rice, and eat', is OK. To give the poor who asks for food is dharmam.

In a perverted culture this is reversed. He who asks for food, bhiksha, is termed a begger and seen as just short of a criminal.

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