Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Milk + ashwagandhadhi + loha bhasmam - Restoring health of children

To share with all those working with the nutrition of the poor. 

The children of the village are undernourished and are uniformly pandu (a state of vitiation of blood quality and quantity which condition matches onto anaemia). Their diet is rice with a watery rasam, or a dilute liquid concoction with a few vegetable peices in it.There is no ghee, milk and only little oil.

I had given channa for years to the children ... boiled and sauted. It made no noticable impact. Now when I gave them milk/ashwagandhadhi churnam/ loha bhasmam ... the village is noticing the very very substantial impact. I think we need to observe this ... so that other children in need may benefit ...

As per ayurveda, chikitsa or treatment has to be bhrmanam/ tarpanam (nourishing) or karshanam/ apartarpanam (reducing). That is a fundamental line.
For our village, our doctor, Girija, has been firm that bhramanam chikitsa is required. Oils, ghee, milk, meat based medicines ... as opposed to dry medicines, because their diet is so poor, and devoid of fats. Simply advising them to have greens and giving the cheaper tablet based ayurvedic preparations will not suffice - because they are nutritionally so depleted. This milk with medicines has been like rain falling on parched lands.

With this milk+medicines  the village children have blossomed  in a span of less than a month. The children came running home tumbling over each other to say, "See I've grown', "I eat well now', "No leg pains", "See I'm fat now" ...
I have seen Eashwaramma's grandson Sasi as always puny - and he weighs a kg more now. Most children have put on a half kg or more  importantly their sense of well being has gone up. Many of them used to have cramping pains at night in their legs, poor appetite ... now the parents are all happy that the children have none of these complaints.

Our doctor, wise and experianced, had told me than in a month the change would be visible to the families and to the village. For long years she has been telling me that the growing children in the village need some milk. Now when a well wisher was willing to fund, I went to the doctor who calculated the medicines with me, and said the children should have milk with 1/4tsp ashwagandhadhi and 50mg loha bhasmam.

Why did chana not create the effect, that has now been acheived ? In ayurveda 'protiens' is not a grouping. Animal protien are very different on their effect on the body from plant protiens. The former is vata haram, while the latter increases vata, for instance. So milk has done for the children what my years of dal did not.

And it is costing about 5000/- to 6000/- to restore health to 30 children - replicable model across villages.

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