Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Simple thinking from Medha

In Narmada, in my twenties, freshly out of my engineering studies, and two years in a corporate job that I had just quit - I had the notions of the theorotical creature.

Two simple responses of Medha sturck me then.

When walking down the road, or from an auto, she would give to the begger (typically in those days i used to hesitate 'supporting beggery' ... over time i became a bett
er human being ... and realized that hunger needs immediate responses, and not theoritical posturing).

And she wondered why people did not keep maids, as then the poor ladies would get work and could be supported in vaster ways. (The theoritical notion that we should do our own housework and other work was strongly in me - but the reality of unemployment and underemployment takes priority over theory in a mind rooted in kindness and reality.)

That is intelligence of the heart - which always shows up in the very ordinary and simple situations. In so many ways - large and small - Medha has awakened so people, young and old ...

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