Thursday, 1 May 2014

Our limitations

 Is anything small - I have stopped even thinking in those terms. These was a time in my youth when I used to agonize about how little I do, my inadequacies ... and a close friend used to call it my egoism. Much later i realized that to give overimportance to one's limitations is as much of egoism as to give overimportance to one's successes. and is as much an indulgence.

We do what we do given our limitations. And limitations in our giving are not so much due to material limitations , as mental limitations of insecurity, smallmindedness.  And as my neighbour Eashwaramma tells me, 'Whatever we do is because of the thought that God gave us'. So even our limitedness is due to the god ... and free of that burden, we try to become better ... 

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