Thursday, 1 May 2014

The search matters

In our twenties, when we started looking for meaningful roles for ourselves, we left our jobs, and in the dark, went searching, pushing ourselves, or being pulled by some force ... there was no social media ... but newspaper articles told  of the NBA struggles, and one wrote a postcard to Medha, and she wrote back, and one took a train and went.

The discoveries about society, about greatness, and about one's own self ... helped one grow towards a understanding, and also gave a compass for life.

Maybe this present generation is denied that through FB availability, and an easy and often pointless engagement happens, and awareness of that pitfall is needed.

Internet activism is no activism. At best it can give some contacts, and then its time to resign comfortable jobs, hit the road and start engageing.

There is no shorter route, there never was.

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