Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Success or Failure ...

'Itni Shakti hame deena Daata
Man ka vishwas kamzor ho naa ...'
('Give me such strength God
That the faith may not weaken ...')

I remember Medha singing this song in the hut in Jalsindhi (in 1999). To fight against all odds is a very difficult, and a heart breaking process, because loss is many a time built into the struggle, and predestined.

But one learns that success and failure can be defined very very differently. Vast questionings, vast churnings, even as the dam does get built, even when people are driven out ... even when the heart is broken.

And to remember that at least the rehabiliation post-struggle, though still heartbreaking, was so vastly different to what it would have been without the struggle ...

And Medha would have had to, like many of us, collect the pieces of a broken heart and put them together and move on because the struggle is eternal ...

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