Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Geeta of the Sardarji

Long years ago i had gone for a week long camp on jeevan vidya. I met a sardarji there who said he did not agree with the philosophy fully - but found that much was in common with bhagavad geetha which had been his touch stone. He gave us a small handbook of bhagavad geeta translated into hindi by him. he had marked out some verses which he said oriented life for him.

Two which have stayed with m
e are.

1. 'hota hai prakriti ke hi niyamoon se sarv karm vidhaan se. Main karm karta mood maanav sochtha abhimaan se'.

(All acts happen by the eternal laws. Man, losing humility, thinks he acts).

2. jo dekhta muj mein sabhi ko, aur mujko sab kahin. mein door us nar se nahin woh, door mujhse hain nahin.' (He who sees all in Me, and Me in all, I am not far from that man, nor is he far from Me.)

And many who have led life based on these principles show a state of eternal action rooted in complete humility.

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