Wednesday, 30 April 2014

There is no 'charity' !

There were some discussions about 'this person's charity' and 'that charity'.

1. There is no charity. There is enough provided by god and nature for everyone's present needs. we have more in our keeping that our 'today's needs'. that belongs to another person who is deprived by our having more that what we need today. that we are returning that - very partly - to the person to whom god had meant it for.

2. there is no X's cause or Y's cause. X and Y are irrelevent (and distractions). The things have to flow from where there is more to where there is less- and will in nature , and in god's good time

3. the causes are also not different ... all the eashwarammas everywhere need to be given. and god never brings a case to our notice without giving us the wherewithal to address it. the poverty of our hearts is what we need to address ... (and when i say this, i see the poverty in myself most clearly ...else how would i recognize it elsewhere ...:)).

and i say with confidence that we have the ability to address the n+1th cause because if eashwaramma in her complete poverty is able to feed every mendicant who knocks at her hut ... there is a truth that is eluding our minds that the hearts of the simple have grasped.


I can only counterpose this response with Eashwaramma's and Chinapaapakka's dharmam where they tell me that anyone who comes asking for food, or for contributions for annadaanam is to be given food respectfully. And one can eat a meal less if food runs low at home. And I have watched them live by that through years - even hrough times of drought and unemployment.

It is their dharmam that keeps the rains falling in this country. and in the world. We are in their debt. Amen.

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