Friday, 30 May 2014

Worms (Krimi)

A Common Problem among Children

Sometimes simple problems can be misdiagnosed, leading to unnecessary tension for the person and the family involved. We give below an example of this type of misdiagnosis.

Worms are quite common in children, because of their food habits and their constitution. A child of 5 years was suffering from severe stomach ache for the past 4 months. The mother took him to all the specialists. According to the pediatrician, he was diagnosed to be suffering from “Appendicitis”. So he was taken to an Allopathic hospital where he was treated for a period of 2 months for appendicitis. During the treatment, he underwent several scans. Still, there was no improvement in his condition.

Then the mother went to another leading childcare hospital where the treatment went on for another 2 months. Again scans and tests including Barium were taken through which the doctors came to a conclusion that he was suffering from appendicitis. They recommended Laparoscopy as the solution for the same. They wanted to open the stomach and examine the condition.

So, again, the mother went for another opinion, where after seeing all the reports,
doctors came to a conclusion that appendix has to be removed and warned of further problems if the procedure is delayed/avoided. Meantime over the last few months he had simultaneously been treated for ulcers, constipation etc. Some doctors had also recommended psychiatric treatment for the child as there was no response to medicines.

As the child’s stomach ache was still continuing, the mother decided to allow
Laparoscopic surgery to be performed. In the meantime, one friend directed them to Ayurveda.

When he came to Sanjeevani, the child was suffering from severe stomach ache which would come on many times a day. He was also currently on de-worming medications – but alongside he was having chocolates, fruit juices and milk shakes. So his diet itself was creating an environment for worms to thrive in, and that had not been corrected.

At Sanjeevani, he was diagnosed as having worms. His diet was corrected, and leafy vegetables, salads, milk, sweets and day sleep were prohibited. He was prescribed Vidangasavam, Kalyanaka ksharam and Rajanyadi. These medicines in addition to cleaning worms, are also digestive and Vata anulomana, correct the flow of Vata so that it flows along its natural path. In two weeks he reported feeling completely well.

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