Sunday, 8 June 2014

And we like chocolates ...

Kavya, when I asked her what gift I could send her from here (for my not being able to assist her also coming), promptly said, a basket of chocolate like what Turiya Akka once gave.

This was a small basket of some chocolates, wrapped in tissue paper, and tied with colourful ribbons that Anjali Kapoor gave me to carry for Kavya and Sasi. I took this is Delhi, wondering about the long route I needed to carefully carry the basket. Delhi to Chennai, and then the long bus ride(s) to the village. But it was so pretty, that I did take it.

And the prettiness had so much of an impression that she remembers that over many other useful and nice things i gave her over the year.

And we need to scatter beauty and colour into their lives, as much as we need to organize food and medicines and books ... These 'extras' are soul enrichening and deeply satisfying and necessary to the poor, both in their own eyes and in the largest scheme of things ... is something we learn over time spent.

Man does not live by bread alone - he needs the chocolates too

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