Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Asthama - children (1)

Svasam (wheezing) is curable, especially when the disease is new, through medication. In chronic cases, as in adults, it may need cleansing treatments (panchakarma). Many patients come after years of allopathic drugging. They are permanently on heavy medications and the patients never overcome the disease.

Shri A, aged 5 months – The father of the child is a car driver.
The first episode of wheezing was when the child was twenty five days old. The second episode happened when he was a month and a half old. He was put on very strong allopathic drugs, and when he
came here, he was on Asthalin inhaler (thrice a day), Becalate inhaler (thrice a day), Betnasol(a steroid) and Mucolite twice a day. The elder child also had wheezing, and was on the inhaler. The other problem they presented was that the mother had less breast milk.

The child was treated with Rajanyadi Churnam and Dhanvantara Gutika. In case of breastfed infants, the mother is also treated, and she was given Dasamoolakatutrayadi Kashayam and Sudarsanam. They were asked to report after a week. In a week the child was well and off all allopathic drugs. Since then the child remained in good health. Had the child not been shifted to Ayurveda it would have taken the usual route of strong and debilitating allopathic drugs. Ayurvedic medicines like Rajanyadi churnam not only takes care of their problems but also boosts their immunity, strength and well-being.

To increase breastmilk, mother was given Jeerakadyarishtam, Dasamoolarishtam, Sowbhagya Sunthi, Shatavari milk kashayam.

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