Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dharmam is - so God is (2)

There is a god - or whatever we call the soul of beauty, truth and goodness - because though poverty and injustice exist, goodness exists despite it all. Because of Chinapaapakka teaching me that to give when asked is our dharmam, and whether the person misuses it of not is his karmam.

Because though one man conned the village people saying his daughter had delivered under a tree, and took the rice, clothes and money they gave - they again gave as generously to the next person who came and asked.

Because chinapaapakka says that if someone comes and asks for food, we should give, even if we eat a meal less.

Because the dharmam they protect is greater than poverty, greater than suffering, and greater than life itself - which is sometimes compromised due to poor nutrition, and poor health.

Only that dharmam can invoke goodness that can transform.

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