Saturday, 7 June 2014

Protecting Dharmam is more important than hunger

There is a dharmam, a god - who even if he does not give Eashwaramma enough food, gives her the faith and goodness to be able to share that little with another in greater need.

Maybe that goodness and strength is more important than even food and basic physical necessities. Maybe it is that which can awaken goodness dormant is all hearts.sometimes i wonder if an eashwaramma without food for herself, but with the ability to share is luckier ... or us with surplus, and yet with an inability to share like her ...

Finally she and we will die. Maybe the ability to keep up dharmam is the more significant thing - than even poverty or death.

I know it sounds hypocritical to say this when we have plenty - and a poverty of goodness - but I wonder , I wonder ...

Eashwaramma will survive without us ... she may die of poor health and hunger ... but in a sense, thats OK. We all die one day anyway. She has it in her to feed any hungry person who comes by with what she has cooked for the day. Everyone in Dalitwada has that richness of heart and soul. Hunger and poverty are small things actually before that wealth of goodness.

Here, where there is so much more wealth, there is comparatively so little urge to give. This is for us all to think - for our own sakes. Because this poverty of ours is far greater than the poverty of eashwaramma. 

Not for the Eashwarammas who will anyway either eat fully or to half stomach, live or die. In their dharmam, sharing of their last meal even. But for ourselves.

The ability to give, endlessly, untiringly, (like Karna himself, as my village people would say ) is maybe the only thing that matters

And maybe keeping that dharmam alive in the minds of people is the most important purpose of existance. Maybe the purpose of the world, and of existance itself, is to learn ever anew the supreme purpose of giving, ' ... paropakaaraya idam shareeram'. And the difficulties and misery are only incidental to this learning.

Even hunger and its alleviation maybe secondary issues.

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