Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chennai trip

A vacation for the 'poor kids' ... when there are more pressing needs ? Yes, because it makes them happy, very happy. And gives them a memory that they cherish for life. Food for the body, and joy for the mind ... the rich and the poor both need both. 

In the village, the children would be high on excitement the previous day as they stuff their clothes into a plastic cover, and prepare for the long trip to town ... early morning the mothers will rise and light the fire and cook a small meal that they will pack in their dabbas for the journey.

So the village children came to Chennai. And as usual simply sparkled up the place and recklessly scattered joy. Varalu with her gang of 10 kids from Paalaguttapalle for the long awaited Chennai trip ! Oh, the kids bring colour and sparkles ... !

The kids reached exhausted and happy. Only five of the ten kids came. Shruti's mother told Varalu that there was no money for the bus charge. Varalu told her that 'Aparna madam' would pay for the to-and-fro, but Lakshmikanta decided not to send her. They have their dignity, and I realize I should have spoken to her directly and invited the child, and said that I would like to pay for all expenses. A message via Varalu was not enough. they are not waiting to jump at offers.Kavya could not come as she had to graze the cow. Seemed she sobbed thro' seeing the others go. What could I do ? Each person, including Kavya, seems to have to carry their own burdens in life ... and sometimes the best we can do is to share in their pain.

... they loved the sea and spent hours in the waves. The sea fascinated them. They loved the ice cream that debolina came to get for them ... they will love their trip tomorrow ...

The trip to St. Thomas Mount was a happy one becaue it was a beautiful, serene church that had a deep holiness about it. This was their first visit to a church, and it was a very happy one. 

The kids of Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada) called up from the village after reaching back. They have a basket of memories, which from experience I know will brighten up their dreams and conversations for a lifetime. Sasi said the high spot was the beach. Vishnu, Jayanthi and Varalu said the high spot was the church. 
Kavya was quite happy with her 'gift hamper' of clothes and chocolates which we sent her because she sobbed to the end for being unable to join the other children. She was, as usual, full of her complaints about Sasi having claimed half the chocolates, having falsely claimed that I had offered hin half. She was quite pleased when I told her that she is the responsible one who is taking such care of her grandmother, and that Sasi is a 'waste'. Eashwaramma told me that her eyes are much better. So having retained Kavya to graze the cow and do the housework was a meaningful move ... looking back.

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