Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Shri S, 46 years

The patient had a bypass surgery in 2003. Six months later a thick keloid started developing over the sternum bone. It kept growing larger through two years and became quite large. The pain was continuous and severe ‘like the sawing with a rusted blade'. The allopathic recommendation to address the pain was forty steroid injections over the keloid scar. The injections were so painful that the patient discontinued after four injections. He was prescribed an ointment which also he decided against using.

The patient came in 2009 with the keloid complaint, and was prescibed Shaddharanam and Guggulu tikta grutham. He was also advised a vata reducing diet. A week later the patient came and reported that there was absolutely no pain. He said that this was unbelievable. He was advised to continue the same, and also to apply the grutham externally. He was advised a course of vastis, cleansing treatments, but he did not have the time for that.

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