Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Madhyasthams are khap panchayats

Our village madhyasthams function. In sense and sensibility.  The village elders call the whole village to sit together and review community concerns. I suppose this is a 'khap panchayat'.

In which case i think we need to revisit details. For my village I can assert that our village madhyasthams function. In sense and sensibility. Sensitive judgements are delivered - superior in most cases to the cases of police interventions. The police take money from both parties, and usually deliver justice to the powerful. The village community is able to factor in individual situations and pressures ... and deivers a justice that usually gives space for the prepetrator to correct and repent. There are some miscarriages of justice, but these are rare, and are understood as such by all and criticized.

Today I wonder if the much maligned khap panchayatsof N.India are pillioried for rare travesty of justice (because it is sensational and has the public asking for more !), or because in those areas it is actually that virulent. Maybe the  media needs to answer today, and also the opinion makers and opinion holders who do not invest the time needed to understand the dynamics and balances of situations. 

From my experience in my village, I would personally like to live in those villages for extended times, before making any conclusion. And I know it takes  time to understand a community, and a longer time to underetand its inherent strengths. There is no short cut, if we actually have concern.

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