Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rashes on the face

"Rashes due to plants are addressed with cowdung. Once my daughter (she was four then) and I spent many hours cutting branches of a cactus shrub from a neighbour’s home, and planting them around our home for a fence. The next morning I was unable to open my eyes and discovered that my whole face including eyelids had swollen considerably. My daughter was also similarly affected. My neighbour Chinnapapakka advised me to daub cowdung all over our faces. I asked if some cowdung water getting into the eyes would matter. She said that cowdung water was only good. So my daughter and I applied cowdung on our faces, and were soon much better.

Friends of ours in the next hamlet who had also moved from a city cautioned us saying that the germs in the cowdung may damage the eyes and we should  not follow the local practices so completely.

I called up Dr. Girija, and she told me to do what the local people advised. The local people were certian, and we trusted them. Later Sudheer told me that gomaya has vishagnam properties also."

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