Sunday, 22 June 2014

The value of what is given ...

Long, long ago when I was with a dharna of the dam displaced and we were collecting money many wealthy people brushed us aside. An old begger woman stopped us, asked about the issue, listened intently, and took out a five rupee coin from her tin and dropped it in the box. Even today when I think of it I am left shaken. and as I grow older, and am less sure of anything, I feel that that blessings and goodwill circulate in many different planes. That which is given at a high cost, carries with it that much more power to relieve the other's sufferings.

(This was long ago when i spent some years with Medha and the others with the struggle of the tribals against displacement and dispossession. Some truths seen and heard in those days became pointers for a lifetime)

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