Monday, 23 June 2014

The goodness of a village ...

Eashwaramma just called me up. And after I speak to her and Varalu, I have fresh energy. What is it in these poor village people that infuses a sense of peace and goodness and faith ... though the actual stories are of sufferring.

I know it - but its hard to put in words.

It is vast open horizons, it is a sense of community where people stick up for each other in times of need, Even if there are a million squabbles at other times. It is a space of work, where the smallest child starts using a broom when she starts tottering, and the oldest man visits the feild to shoo away the birds ...The therapy of useful work responsibly done ... It is a deep faith in a power of goodness, in God, that enables them to follow the precepts of goodness, and of shareing.

A village is in sad economic straits, but equally in possession of priceless riches ... of goodness, of peace ....

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