Friday, 20 June 2014

Thyroid is completely addressable

Ayurveda addresses thyroid imbalance and normalizes thyroid functioning. This 13 year old child of a housemaid was asked to start thyroid medications. The mother saw the board outside the clinic and stepped in on a hope ...

Months later when she saw me on the road, with tears in her eyes, she professed her gratefulness. She told me how the child, whose puberty was long delayed had also attained puberty post the treatment. She insisted on getting me a cup of tea at the teashop. 

Hypothyroidism  (Female, 13)

Medical History

The patient had been feeling lethargic and sleepy through the day, and her body, face and neck were swollen. She went to an allopathic doctor a week ago, and was tested for hypothyroidism. She tested positive (T.S.H. as first tested on 5/11/11 is 6.94ulU/ml),
and was prescribed Thyronorm 50mg When the mother realized it was lifelong medication which was being prescribed for her daughter, she looked for alternatives. She saw the Sanjeevani board, as she works as a household help in the opposite apartment complex, and came in to ask if this condition could be treated.


The patient first came on 10th were swollen. She used to feel tired and lethargic. She had breathlessness and palpitations on running. She was used to day sleep, and used to have a lot of sour foods. She would have curds and sweets occasionally. Her weight was 55.6kg. She was prescribed Triphala and Ayaskriti, and advised to avoid daysleep,

A week later she reported feeling lighter.She had no breathlessness or palpitations. Her weight had reduced by one kilogram. But she continued feeling tired.. She was prescribed Triphala, Ayakriti, Navayasa and Navaka Guggulu.

On 14th Sthoulyahara Kashayam, and the swelling on her neck had reduced. Two weeks later she said she felt tired and sleepy and felt something blocking in her throat. She was asked to undergo vamanam and nasyam. Patient finished vamanam and nasyam treatments, and was prescribed Agastya rasayanam and Sudarsanam

The patient was now free of all symptoms. Her usual cough was also not there anymore. She was advised Ayaskriti, Navaka gugulu, Sthoulyahara kashayam in the morning and Triphala in the evening.

According to tests on 13/3/12, her TSH levels are 3.10ulU/ml. Her weight was 56.8 kg. She was advised to take only Triphala twice a day.


Her thyroid levels were completely normalized with the medication, treatment and diet advice. Her lethargy, tiredness were addressed. Her breathlessness and palpitations were also addressed completely.

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