Thursday, 19 June 2014

Toothache and Root Canals.

The dentist had insisted that I need a root canal urgently. He is a senior, and conservative, dentist. My ayurvedic doctor told me that a root canal was avoidable, and very much so.  A very bad toothache due to a rotting tooth can be addressed by grinding together 'pachcha karpooram' (camphor), mountian salt (sendha namak/ saindhava lavanam), and dried gunger (sunti/ chukku) and stuffing into the 'hole' in the tooth. This is from Charaka Samhita, and works immediately. It did for me.

Between Pancha Tikta kashayam, and Guggulu Tikta Grutham and Sudarshanam the toothache got resolved permanently obviating the need for a root canal.

For many patients who come with a 'root canal' prescription, the healing is much faster. It took longer for me. India needs to reclaim her inheritence of ayurveda.

(Another time when my daughter had her tooth extracted, the dentist had insisted on a course of antibiotics. He said that the wound was very deep, and so he would have to insist on antibiotics this time. Earlier times he had allowed me to follow what ayurvedic medicines were possible. I nodded - but came home and simply applied lots of triphala on the wound. The healing was very fast, and no course of any allopathic drugs were ever needed.)



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