Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Why ayurveda

Local medical systems are very strikingly similar to ayurveda. If village healthcare could shift to indian systems of medicine, people will be enabled to again take charge of their own health - allopathy as the main system, has disempowered them and derecognized their knowlege system. there is a deep disempowerment that happens, deeper than just health.

We have wanted to start a basic ayurvedic clinic, including locally available remedies, in the village, that initially gives a subsidy, which is phased out in about two years.

There were questions, 'Why Ayurveda' ... these are some answers to those who want to know.

Why We Decided To Make Ayurveda The Platform … there is a history

1. Health has always been a felt need in the community. We have tried having doctors come over and give sensible care for our people. We have tried to ‘employ’ a doctor for the village. We have tried to pay for visits. (By we, I mean us and Naren and Uma. Naren and Uma are among the finest people I have known – and we moved to this village, as they were staying and working here. Naren put aside personal money for this, and tried very hard to recruit … even thro ads.).

2. Doctors do not move to work in villages, nor make regular visits. This is a ground reality. There are very few people/ doctors willing to live and work in villages … and those very few have made their way to other villages and are busy there !

3. I decided to learn Ayurveda.

4. We had realized with experience how effective and quick it is – as opposed to popular perception about its ‘slowness’. Fevers, cold, stomach upsets, worms, anaemia, wounds … all respond swiftly. And it builds health – which is critical for the undernourished community. We were blessed to know one of the finest ayurvedic practitioners as a close friend, teacher, and consultant for all village ailments. We were able to learn with her.

5. Over years I had also realized how closely Ayurveda matches local health traditions. And thus rebuilds confidence of people in their own traditions and knowledge systems.

6. Many many of the herbs are locally available – and much treatment can happen thro’ local preparations.

7. I used to feel that some necessary health building tonic medicines were expensive. But in the last few months we started doing a detailed documentation with Annpurna on the medical expenses of people. The costs are staggering. Government spending on health is low, and people go to private practioners … and scans and test bleed them. So in a reverse way, Ayurveda is now an ‘affordable’ (or equally unaffordable !) option.
8. Anyway with my own learning and experiance having become Ayurveda, we decided to have a clinic based on ayurvedic medicines. Mix-and-match in my experience is not effective here. Not am I personally comfortable with it, nor ableto anchor it.

So ... Ayurveda

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