Friday, 4 July 2014

FB is not enough to really engage ...

FB discussions ... a friend's comments.

" ... but would be tough for most people to understand what you are saying. Dharmam, gyanam, and all are words people are completely out of touch with. Indian consciousness -- which you are giving examples of from a remote village, people don't examine either in your way, OR by engaging so deeply. People are not so Indian any more.

Any possibility that "caste" could have a positive connotation produces a knee jerk reaction. Hindutva people gloss over and glorify the 'tradition' without acknowledging the oppression of centuries. And left only sees oppression, that too through colonial lens

... Diff families weave with diff types of silk worms -- you know there are ways of processing them in diff stages of the pupa etc. So it gives diff quality of thread, and therefore different weaves also. Now apparently the girls are never taught any technique in their natal families. Only after they are married, the husbands family teaches them. Now this is a socio-economic thing right? They are all some subcaste or other... but we might see it through a caste lens. But it is a practical thing --- they would not be learning the technology that they would be using through their lives.

But none of this can be done by sound-bites no? Each topic is so deep -- dharmam,education, shiksha, caste, What is India.... "

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