Friday, 4 July 2014

Loss of direction in village children

 ... there is such a sense of loss of direction in village children.

Kumar was another boy I have known since he was in class 3. An unusually sincere and good child, who has grown into a responsible youngster. Like every other village child after the government school, did a pointless 'degree'. He is working as a shop boy now, and when I spoke to him now, he told me he was writing exams to do an 'MBA'. When I asked him whatever for, he said, "I dont understand anything madam - what should I do ?". I have no answer to offer him. The avenues for meaningful employment elude me.  Youth, at their peak of energy and hope, what a loss of lives needing direction, purpose, what a loss of manpower for the country

And then all our village youth are turining to drink, they will then beat their young wives, who will be so burdened with running their family that they will not have the energy to beat back ... And some of us will pontificate on the evil of drink and some on patriarchy ...

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