Thursday, 24 July 2014

Games children play

Rohit with his cousins makes a raucous band. Three of them with an plastic water bottles and a stick each  march down the streets in full force. Till they are well on their way nout of the village are are driven in again by some adult with a stick.

Rohit also drives his vehicle , and gets enough passengers on board. He informed me that the vehicle was on it was to Pakala, our nearest town, the Mandal headquarters.

 Keertana quietly comes home when I am inside cooking. She spends a silent ten minutes swinging. Then noiselessly helps herself to the blocks in the basket and builds a small structure. Peeps in on me, and quietly leaves. She's one of the quietest children, but there is a sense of calm when she comes home, and the quietens the place. The front room and the swing and toys have belonged to the children by history and tradition.

Another gang walks into the room quietly, and with or without permission, based on their assessment on my mood, take the battered tin kitchen set.. Later the vessels are put away neatly and quietly and they leave.

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