Friday, 25 July 2014

Stories from Annasamy Anna (3)

Annasamy Anna comes home every evening and i would have his cup of tea waiting for him. We have our tea, and he tells stories and I listen. Lovely tea times that we both look forward to.

"There were two brothers – the elder brother and the younger brother. The elder brother had no children, while the younger one had 4 children. They planted equal plots of land, and the time came for harvest. The yield was bountiful. The morning of the harvest after the grain had been stacked on the kallam, the elder brother left for home for his meal. When he was away the younger brother pondered,” I have four children to look after me in my old age, but Anna has no one. His need is greater.” And he quietly had four gampas of grain transferred to his brother’s share from his. The elder brother returned, and the younger brother left for his meal. Now the elder brother thought, “I have no children to need to save for. My brother’s need is more than mine.” Now he had the grain transferred to his brother’s side. The brother then returned with the carts, and the grain was carted to the granaries. The carts kept hauling grain till past dusk. "

Then Annasamy Anna asked me why the carts carted for so long. And he answered that it was because the brothers had stood by dharmam that the grain yield became so vast - that God operates thus.

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