Friday, 11 July 2014

Our need to give milk to the children.

To parents everywhere ...

Varalu and Kala and Munishwari of Palaguttapalle see their children malnourished. All of us who have enough to get our children two glasses of milk a day need to answer, 

1. This situation where those who graze cows and supply us milk, do not have milk for their children 
2. Our implied helplessness.

Kavya, Eashwaramma's grandchild, orphaned, care of Eashwaramma, the poorest in Dalitwada, takes charge of the cow and other chores when her grandmother's health gets worse. But the family can retain none of the milk as that is the only source of income. The milk we drink in cities comes from the hard work of Kavyas.

A  friend  has sponsered milk and ashwagandhadhi for the children. The children come with their glasses to school and drink the milk with much happiness. They love milk. Their malnutrition aqnd anaemia have got addressed.

And there are people who object to 'charity'. Yes, charity is unsustainable - but even more unsustainable is the system we here built where the cow-owner cannot afford milk for his own children... Where one person can afford a hotel bill of 500/- and another cannot affor Rs.5/- for milk.

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