Friday, 7 November 2014

A story of 'giving up love'

Shareing from a close friend's story. And in these days of worrying about moral policeing, and fighting for one's rights to love, this gives a very different story of the value of losing love. Sometimes when we are looking for answers, we may discover that the question transforms. 

"“Long long ago. I must have been 19, in college, and desperately in love as one can be only at that age and when one first falls in love. Subsequently, its always a little more 'practical'. It was a dream ride, and then was going through a rough patch.
That was when there was this maid in the hostel, widowed and with three small children, who was a good friend of mine. Those days I had this supreme confidence in making 'deals' with the god. Whatever mattered most to me I could, I thought, bargain away for something else. In an impulse, when she was telling me of one more trauma she was facing, I prayed that I might lose that relationship and that she may get her security. In the supreme arrogance of youth in being able to take on any pain !
The next day, the whole thing ended in an abrupt manner, and it was some months of a very difficult phase - I do not know what became of the maid now. But I believe that another's karma can be taken on - there is the story of Babur and Humayun, the story of Jesus taking up the cross for the sins of mankind. The concept of karma is there.
Looking back into the past, that somewhere for me defines the standard of love. The ability to put love secondary ... not that I lived up to that again ... except once later, again with equally drastic results.”

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