Friday, 7 November 2014

Religion defines a civilization

 "Religions codify such concepts of consciousness and values of a society. A society with a fairly comprehensive religious thought stream (that mean values and consciousness) becomes a civilization. Religion stands as a custodian and repository of such values and for a civilization. This is the reason religions always become the most potent identity tag for human beings.
A civilization thus is paraphernalia based on shared human values and consciousness.
To understand Human civilizations and their dynamics properly, there is an urgent need to replace current myopic, fossilized categorization of religion (like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Sikhism etc.) with broader religious thought streams like dharmic, Abrahamic, Taoist ones . This is in sync with the reality and current state of Human thought and development as well.
Some critical thoughts of the West from this consciousness – value perspective:
- The Western Civilizational owns the idea of current human civilization. The West has developed these values by divorcing the church from the state and retaining some key philosophical assumption of the Abrahamic- Christian religious stream for identity and direction purpose. This goes side-by-side with scientific and technological development. The Western civilization has tried forcefully to create and replicate this out in the world on its own sweet terms. The west owing to its roots cherish some deeply flawed self-contradicting and inconsistent conception regarding fundamental propositions that has prohibited science from correcting them and has driven science toward technological advancements.
- These flawed conceptions are: The supremacy of man, Man’s disconnect from other – the universe (spatially and temporally), Man’s right to transgress and exploit universe etc. This all along with an exclusivist, messianic intent enshrined in these religions are leading modern man on the path of utter destruction.
- As a result of absence of innate all encompassing rationale for being moral and ethical, Abrahamic religious thought stream depends upon external reason like law/ power like God and his commandments in realm of values. With effect that individualism and free-will is greatly cherished while the substratum ‘self’, the owner of this personality and freewill remains the ‘sensory ego’. Man in this mould is reduced to be shallow, irresponsible, consumerist, reckless, pleasure seeking, irrationally violent , self aggrandizing and ruthlessly efficient zombie. The psyche of this man is psychotic or neurotic. The structures, processes and procedures developed in this milieu following these traits also comes out as impersonal, mechanistic and robotic.
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