Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Diabetes in Ayurveda (Prameham)

There are 20 kinds of diabetes in Ayurveda, the vataja, pittaja and kaphaja types. The kaphaja is curable completely.

Sanjeevani Ayurveda Centre gets many patients who come immediately on being detected with diabetes. They manage very well with simple ayurvedic medicines. There are patients who come because of uncontrolled sugar level, not responding to any allopathic medicine or to insulin. Each one of them has been successfully addressed.

The dietery recommendations are extremely specific.
- Rice and wheat are both to be avoided. Millets (or trna dhanyam) - ragi, jowar, bajra, saamai, kudharaivaalu etc. are what are recommended.
- Milk and milk products are proscri bed.
- Water intake and liquid intake is to be absolutely minimied.
- Fruits are avoided generally.
Following this diet makes remarkable difference.

A basic and very good medicine is nisa amalaki - turmeric and amla powder in equal quantities. (ref - Ashtanga hrudayam) . This is to be had with honey on an empty stomach.

Just the diet change and this medicines make a good difference. Beyond that it is good to see a vaidya.

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