Wednesday, 19 November 2014

 But we have become mindless sheep belating to every note of the irresponsible media. The media will bluff and mislead more and more as corporate control gets more complete. That and its desire to sensationalise. Will we bleat more and more mindlessly ? Unless we do our HW rigourously, we will all go on a long sweet ride in the days to come.

For all of us jumping in indignation at German being replaced by Sanskrit by Education Minister.
"KVS added German as the thi...rd language in the ‘Three Language Policy’ as an option available to students to choose in lieu of Sanskrit.... The Three Language Policy does not envisage offering a foreign language as an option to Sanskrit or another Indian language. Clearly, this fell foul of the national policy. It is useful to note that the Three Language Policy did not mandate Sanskrit as the only choice, but, in fact, students could opt for any other Modern Indian Language in lieu of Sanskrit. The choice under the policy was (and is) between Sanskrit and any other Modern Indian Language.

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