Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sasi and school - Updates,

October 2015

One month down school we went to see him - his grandmother Eashwaramma, I, Turiya and Siva who drove the auto. It was an hour by auto.

When he got his football, which he had requested, his face glowed with unshed smiles. As the ball was passed from hand to hand his chest swelled visibly with pride. Eashwaramma gave him vadais she had made at home, and he distributed it around and all the boys were munching.
A child from a vernacular background, into the 7th where the textbooks in English baffle. The teachers are supportive ... still can he cope. A child who only has his unlimited zest and a fundamental generosity of spirit on his side. Orphaned, assetless, and only a grandmother to care for him. The grandmother equally assetless and also blind in one eyes. How I wish the skills of a village child of climbing trees, and making pots and thatching has the same unlimited value as an English education ... but we have not yet created that world ... and this is the ladder they have to climb.

But his face has lost that gaunt look, and he has 'Boost' every morning, and 'Coffee' every evening and the lunch was good . And we pray.

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