Sunday, 29 November 2015

Ayurveda food rules

A friend asked me if raw vegetables are OK in ayurveda.

In Ayurveda
1.   Everything to be had cooked.
2. Water to be taken just enough to address thirst. Not liters. In conditions like diabetes, wounds, eye problems the barest minimum is advised.
3. Vegetables to be limited in quantity, and rice and wheat to be the main substantial meal. Not 'lots of vegetables', as sometimes followed today.
4. Two or three meals a day is advised, and not many small portions. Food is to be taken to half stomach. Water fills a quarter, and air a quarter.
5. Curds is not to be had daily, and never at night.
6. And buttermilk is not diluted curd, but has to be churned till the butter comes out ! One cannot get buttermilk (takram) from urban homogenized milk.
6. Honey is never to be had with hot water, or with anything hot.
7. Sweets must be had in the beginning of a meal, and not at the end as in desserts.
8. Milkshake is a harmful concept, and milk is never to be mixed with sour items, and fruits like mango are sour.
 9. Vegetables must be boiled and strained. The water in which it is boiled is to be poured away..
10. Rice is to be strained and the strained starched can also be drunk seperately. (pressure cooked rice is heavier, and is ok only in winters). 
10.Diabetics need to move to millets, and both rice and wheat increase sugar !!
11. Sprouts are bad for the eyes. (ref: Ashtanga Hrdaya)

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