Saturday, 25 June 2016

FB Discussions - Gram Swaraj (1)

The enemy is us . Gandhi and Tagore saw this ages ago .
Communities will have to be recreated . And only a spiritual movement will do it. Humanity is lost to technology . Technology is the hand-maiden of Power .
Various creative pathways will have to be found. But first those who will follow this path, need to find their spiritual centre .
The concept of some enemy out there as a group or category is no more valid.

Not just Gram Swarajya , but Gram Samrajya in a way .
Ecological Swaraj (loosely, self-rule including self-reliance) is a framework that respects the limits of the Earth and the rights of other species, while pursuing the core values of social justice and equity.
With its strong democratic and egalitarian impulse, it seeks to empower every person to be a part of decision making, and its holistic vision of human well-being encompasses physical, material, socio-cultural, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions . Rather than the state and the corporation, it puts collectives and communities at the centre of governance and the economy, an approach that is grounded in real-life initiatives across the Indian subcontinent.
Degrowth signifies, first and foremost, a critique of growth. It calls for the decolonization of public debate from the idiom of economism and for the abolishment of economic growth as a social objective.

Sunny Narang Samrajya has been always used for Empires , Ashoka , Maurya , Akbar , Britannia samrajya , the overwhelming hegemony . So this is an sustainability rural hegemony idea . It may or may not fly, but this is the emerging imagination . As of now they seem to think that "private" is all bad just like the classical left , but even a peasant has private land as a small business . Activists and Intellectuals always pitch the extreme as a negotiation , risk being it throws off the middle of the road people , who are 95% !
Aparna Krishnan 'Family is bad', 'Any property is bad'. All this makes for unworkable models, because basic human nature and its limitations, along with the reality of spiritual and mioral evolution, are both skipped !

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