Wednesday, 29 June 2016

FB Discussions - Gym

Why do rich women go to gyms, and make a maid mop their floors on her knees. They can mop their own dirty floors, and give the maids lighter jobs like dusting. They will also save gym fees.
No woman wants to mop another woman's floors. Poverty forces them to, thats all. 

Afsan Chowdhury I love your optimism hahahha
Aparna Krishnan FB gives a free soapbox ! So i simply say my bit and go away !!
Aparna Krishnan But it actually will save them gym money. mopping is good exercise !
Afsan Chowdhury I know it will save but those who gym will never mop floors. But keep talking. Your voice is a very important one. Thanks
Aparna Krishnan Oh. Didnt think of that. I do yoga daily and mop daily. Somehow thought its similar, and they had just missed thinking of this !!
Afsan Chowdhury Aparna Krishnan For example, why would anyone buy a car in Dhaka which costs half a million dollars and drive around very slowly in the traffic jam of the officially most congested city on earth ?. Consumption actually produces meaning and identity just as not consuming does. They are substitutes for achievements as well. So by going to a gym you enhance your class value, mopping floors diminishes it. Thanks
Aparna Krishnan I thought people would feel idiotic driving to a gym and pedalling on a stationary cycle. I would !!
Afsan Chowdhury hahaaha.. I bought one as its necessary for my diabetes management. But its so boring it just lies unused. I walk anyway and I need destinations which walking gives, not bikes that never move. The gym crowd is a different world by itself. Thanks
Lalita Madiman It is no longer mopping floors on knees. It is standing & mopping with a mop with long handle.
Aparna Krishnan matter of detail. a healthy woman can mop her floors rather than ask another healthy woman to do so. our dirt, we clean. give the 'maid' cleaner jobs !
Gyan Mitra Great valid question.
Mekhala Gee you know the answer to your question...
Aparna Krishnan i did not ask a question ! . I gave a 'suggestion'.
Mekhala Gee please read carefully...the paragraph begins with a question...
Mekhala Gee I do not think it is about some of us wanting to feel important and give "menial" jobs to others. I cannot for instance sew, so I give my clothes to be stitched to the tailor...
Mekhala Gee and by the way..I clean the bathrooms in my home and mop the floors and mow the lawn and cook everyday and drive...
Aparna Krishnan cleaning our dirt is different from other activities ! Delhi in 70s used to have jamadars who used to clean bathrooms. maids cleaned rooms. the lady of the house cooked.
Mekhala Gee how is it different...? in my opinion they are all the same.
Aparna Krishnan ok, i'll leave it here.
Rajeev R. Singh Usually women mop the floors. Whether woman of the house or maid. The man of the house will never do it. Whether the floor is mopped or not. ......
Siva Vats Why think only the poor women mop floor of others by their karma? The rich go to gym and feel bad looking at other fit looking bodies as their 'thalai vidhi' or fate. Soap box oratory also is fated. Hyde park corner is now world wide in FB and no fisticuffs.
ஸ்ரீராமதாஸ் மகாலிங்கம் It is not worth an experience to share at work place mopping the floor, but gym itself is an exhibition.

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