Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Parenting (3)

What counts ...
After enough arguments at home as expected with a teenager, some basics always come up and reassure. The old lady from whom we always buy flowers, simply because she needs to sell them, was sitting in the slight rain. I had noticed this the previous day, and had asked her. She said that her umbrella which was also kept on the footpath had been taken away. I promised to buy her an umbrella the next day. The next evening as we were cycling back, it was again raining, and i had forgotten the umbrella. I told her I would get it for her the next day. My daughter protested and said that the old lady needed it immediately. I said a day more more would not hurt as it was just another in an endless series of days for the poor, and that i could not cycle back in the rain to give it to her.
We came home and my daughter picked up the umbrella at home without a word and cycled back in the rain to give it to the old lady. I realised that as parents we need to decide on what is most essential for us in our children. I thought my daughter passed my basic level tests.

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