Wednesday, 15 June 2016

FB Discussions - Issues with veganism (2)

 If one cares about animals, and about communities one needs a deeper perspective and understanding and action than becoming vegan.   The integrated picture has to be understood. There humans, and domesticated animals, and other life, and cultural practices and identities and much more exists. Unidimensional understanding and response can damage more.

1. Small farmers survive by selling milk from one or two cows. The cows are like family to them, and they take care. That milk sale is all that sustains them during droughts also.

2. Were milk to be unsaleable the poor farmer would be forced to abandon the cow, which would then simply wander and starve. There are no wild forests where the cow can go to and become a 'wild cow'.

3. Small children need milk for their well being. The village children flourished when they started having milk everyday.

Veganism addresses one aspect unidimensionally, and cannot stand ground in the larger picture seeking overall good. Yes, modern commercial diarying is perverted. As is everything in a large scale moderinsed civilization, for that matter. Modern production systems are a travesty against all sanity - in animal rearing, as in agriculture and in every modern centralized production.The solution is to create viable and sane systems of milk and cow care. That can actually only happen when organic farming also gets established as cowdung becones an important part of existance, and old cows and male cattle also stay revelent. Economics can never be bypassed in a larger sense.

My only submission is that (apart from personal choices, which are personal), I would choose to throw my work with creating humane cattle systems, rather than eliminate milk and cows and bullocks, or send them to zoos or to slaughter.

"The preaching’s of Veganism:

- Don’t drink Milk
- Don’t use any animal products
- Demean non-vegans to feel guilty and join the club
- Ban use of Animals in any kind work

Now we discuss the above with reference to Indian context:
- Indian diary industry comes 80% from small farmers who have a cow or two, which actually uplifts the whole family.. in terms of spend for the children education and food. By stopping the usage of Milk, the small farmer will be killed, Desi cattle will become extinct by slaughtering…. Both will help Factory farming with Jersey and HF cows and Will boost beef exports of Desi cattle abroad! So in total it will help the ‘beef lobby’..

- Right from Capsules to Sugar to Fashion to Tea to many others things, there are animal products which are consumed even by Vegetarians day to day… Hence the whole thing is a farce!

- Lack of Lactose and Proteins naturally makes them sick and intolerant.. So the frustration and desperation is shown in their behavior everywhere and more so on Social Media…. It’s more of an illness which they all develop over a period of sacrificing good food and desperately looking for alternative, which costs them a bomb…

- Last not the least, this is one among the reason for banning bullock carts in Mumbai and Bulls from Jallikattu!! Then what happened to those Bullocks and Bulls? They all went to slaughter as expected.. So Cruelty it is!, if the animal works, but going to slaughter is okay.. Absolutely a brain damaged concept…But PETA managed to use this opportunity to make millions and divide among the perpetrators is another story which we are well aware!"

There are four kinds of animal welfare activists in this country.

1. Emotionally troubled who catch hold of a dog or puppy post it in Facebook and claim their are animal lovers and animal rights activists . They will work for banks, MNC, I know a person in Coimbatore who is a executive director of a 2000 crore empire who is the spokes person of animal rights along with a senior executive of a MNC telecom tower manufacturing company . By manufacturing towers they kill millions of birds and that s their business but farmers using oxen to plough or Rekhla is cruelty . This is one crowd . They all eat humane non vegetarian I don't know what it means . 

2.elitists who believe others should pray to the God of the elitists , follow elitists custom in good be vegetarian etc etc . 

3. Vegans - they are in terrific confusion . 

4. The culprits behind all this - people heading rather controlling animal welfare in india and Usa - awbi, PETA , blue cross , HAS, PFCA, PCA, PFA, And all other members of the most corrupt animal welfare board of india .. They are the ones who are funded by tractor companies to wipe out native Bulls, foreign breed companies like Holstein , Fresian , jersey , swissbrown etc, beef lobby- 65000 crore 2015 - 16 exports last year in the country where we supposedly pray to go matha ... The head of this corrupt team is Menaka Gandhi , Chinni krishna and Nandita Krishan

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