Friday, 17 June 2016

Parenting (2)

My daughter has some nice kaajal from the organic shop - a very small box cost 100/-, but its nice stuff. I told her that I would indulge myself also and get myself a box. That many women my age must be spending that much on dyeing their hair, and I could get myself this in lieu !
'Only that much you think Amma ?' she asked. I said I supposed a bottle of black paint would not cost more. She told me they must be going to beauty parlours for that and it must be costly. I have never been in one, and so neither has she ! Then she told me that people straighten curly hair, and she asked me if I knew the cost. She was obviously better informed thanks to some friends, and the greater alertness of teens. She told me it costs 5000/- !
And I try to din into her head the value of 10/- and 50/- and 100/-, and she sees the value of this money in a village. And she also sees this other world gone beserk.

Perfect recipie for mother and daughter to go scheizophrenic.

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