Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Annasamy Anna's stories


Annasamy Anna comes home daily and tells stories over a shared cup of tea.
There was a very poor man who had a big family to feed. Every morning he used to go looking for work, and would labour from morning to night for a ruppee’s wage. He started feeling very depressed. Then the temple priest saw this and called him and said, “Son, you come here for work. I will give you 10/- per day. You have to come at the time people go for labour, and can leave for home when the labour returns home. Your work is to simply sit. Thrice a day you will get up and have your meals, and at other times you have to simply sit.”
The man was overjoyed at this offer, and came the next morning. He was given a meal and shown his place, and asked to sit there till lunch. In an hour he became fidgety, and after two hours more restless. A little later he was simply unable to sit any longer. Then the priest then called him and told him that everybody has their own role in life – and to go along with that is wisdom.
The man realized the truth of this, and from the next day went for his usual labour in a more cheerful frame of mind.

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