Thursday, 11 August 2016

Village vignettes - Sasi and his cycle

Sasi, Eashwaramma's grandson ! Orphaned, poor, and bright and heart stopping in his charm.

We got him a 'new cycle', and the envy of his classmates filled his heart with unspeakable joy. This time I have 'confisicated' his cycle, and parked it in our home !! News came to me from other children that he was running a small business ... lending his cycle out to his classmates for rides at 3/- a ride. With all respect for his initiative ande entrepreunarial skills, I needed to play the wet blanket, and priotitise protecting the cycle ... over his developing his business acumen.

Here Sowmya is trying to get further details of this venture from him, and he continues his 'stout denial', and last and infalliable defence of the village kids. That wears one out !!

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