Sunday, 21 August 2016

Ghee for the children

Ghee is essential for its countless benefits. Village children today are on a very poor, dry diet because of poverty. Giving ghee daily with their school midday meal is a very good intervention. A friend offered support for that expense, and the children in school all have a spoon of ghee daily with their spartan midday meal of rice and a watery dal or a watery vegetable.

Ashtanga Hrudayam - Sutra Sthanam -  Ch 5. 


शस्तं धीस्मृतिमेधाग्निबलायुः शुक्रचक्षुषाम्
स्नेहानामुत्तमं शीतं वयसः स्थापनं परम्
सहस्रवीर्यं विधिभिर्घृतं कर्मसहस्रक्रुत्

Ghee is ideal for

1. improving intelligence;
2. memory,
3. ingenuity,
4. digestion strength,
5. long life,
6. semen (sexual vigour), and
7. eye sight.
8. is good for children,
9. the aged,
10. those who desire more children,
11. tenderness of the body, and
12. pleasant voice,
13. for those suffering from emaciation as a result of injury to chest (lungs),
14. Parisarpa (herpes),
15. injury from weapons, and fire,
16. disorders of Vata and Pitta origin,
17. poison,
18. insanity,
19. inauspicious activity (witchcraft, etc.) and
20. fevers;

Of all the fatty materials, ghee is the best.

a.It is coolant, for retaining of youth;
c. capable of giving a thousand good effects by a thousand kinds of processing.

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