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FB Discussions - Affluence and teenage

Conversations with teens

Daughter, "X threw a cell phone in annoyance when her mother refuted her"
Me, "You know how desperately Varalu akka looks for 500/- for buying a sack of rice for her children."
Daughter, "Amma, you dont understand. 1000/- is nothing for these people. You know that Y gets an allowance of 10,000/- ?"
Me, "I would question the parents who have failed."
Daughter, "If I broke a 10/- toy I would not bother, no."
Me, "Sasi needed 5/- for a chart paper in school. And when we gave him 5/- to buy biscuits he went and bought the chart paper. And if 10/- has becomes trivial here, again Turiya, it is a parenting failure."
Silence ...
Daughter, "Nirmala bhagini had gone to conduct Sanskrit classes in a remote village in Jammu. One day as she was carrying her daughter in one hand she saw a snake. She had a 1000/- note in another hand, and she dropped it and ran. A small boy found the note later and came searching for her, and gave her the money. Bhagini said that those people are so poor ... poorer than our village people."
Me, "And our village people also would do the same, no. Poverty has no relationship to integrity or generosity. Rich people, poor in generosity and integrity, assume that poorer people would be poorer in both these ..."
Silence ...

Archana Prasad Just like age has got nothing to do with maturity, poverty or affluence has got nothing to do with integrity.

Aparna Krishnan The rich think that poor are less honest ! The poor have the ability to deal with poverty and hunger, and so do not give up integrity in fear. The rich fear poverty, and wll do anything to cling on to their richness.

Archana Prasad I agree. But I would not use 'rich' word for them. It's just affluence. Rich is a richer word.

Archana Prasad But it speaks of the parenting or sanskars given by the previous generation..

Aparna Krishnan Yes. Parenting is a big failure these days. Parents have forgotten that less of things means more of character.

Shafi Patel Peer group is very influential in childhood and teenage.

Palanivelu Rangasamy A generation has been absolutelly convinced that the success means accumulation of wealth. Repercussions of this mindset is too deep, and makes life so shallow and heartless. Here and there people are revolting against it. Just exceptions can not create a dynamism required for a counter movement. This dejections against 'economism' should become strong enough to redirect the current.
Rajesh Pandey I fully agree that integrity and compassion has no relation with being rich.

Aparna Krishnan it does. Inverse proportion. the poor have no fear of hunger, and so are able to face that possibility if that is the price of integrity. the rich shiver ...
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