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FB Discussions - Farmer subsidies and Corporate subsidies.

September 15, 2015 at 12:25pm
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula 35 lac crores is what India Inc stole from us over the last 10 years and for what creating 2.5 million jobs that too mostly as unskilled construction labor! (this is no random number but tax written off as found in the annexures of the budget documents, job stats from labor office)
Now they want to grab our land, privatize water, ruin our lifestyle, uproot us and make us nomadic construction labor to build ugly urban showpieces of how crazy you are?
Give us our water and land rights back, then we will see which educated genius talks big picture, gdp and that mumbo jumbo.
The next time someone talks about the so called freebies, I'm going to slap them hard.
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Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula
Will Budget Look Beyond Corporate Sector? - The New Indian Express

Aparna Krishnan And all our attempts are not even making a dent in any larger sense. And then one faces comments about the 'pampered farmers' from those very people whom the tired farmers fed on half starved bodies down these year. 

Rahul Banerjee Sainath had once analysed the annual budget to show how the corporate sector is getting huge subsidies and tax write-offs. Corporate debt also is written off in huge quantities. Moreover, the increasing expenditures on the paramilitary and police, the Home Ministry being the only one which witnesses real growth in expenditure, are also subsidies to the rich to prevent the poor from rising up in rebellion. A detailed analysis would be required to get at the exact numbers of the subsidies to the rich but it is only to be expected that the corporate sector will corner most of the state funds and also through their control of the academia and media blame the poor for being lazy and foolish!!

Aparna Krishnan (via Kulveer Singh) - It is a very unfair system:
Illustration 1: Ceiling Act for farmers, no cap on the amount of land an Ambani or Tata or even medium level industrialists can hold.
Illustration 2: Tata, Ambani can buy government land at Rs.1 from the government, a farmer has no right to even till the vacant government lands in his vicinity.
Illustration 3: Industries get 24 hr assured electricity at concessional rates, any concession to farmers is seen as unfair subsidy. Industrialists get tax holidays, concessions on stamp fee. What for?
Illustration 4: Minimum support price is often the upper limit of prices, which hardly covers the cost of fertilisers and electricity. The farmer actively bears the cost of keeping inflation low. However, gas and petrol prices have been de-controlled so that there is no loss to "you know who"
Illustration 5: Industrialists get soft loans, insurance etc., farmers hardly get anything of that kind. Bad debts of Mallya etc., with SBI, ICICI, IDBI or other banks far outweigh the loan write-offs of poor farmers. Moreover, Industrialists have limited liability against borrowings and are given support through BIFR when they go wrong, farmers lose everything if their loan goes bad and are hardly given any support.
I can go on an on for reams of pages

Sept 15 2016

Rahul Banerjee The biggest and most important subsidy to the rich is the expenditure on the police and the paramilitary which keeps the poor from rebelling!!
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Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan You have mentioned the increasing expenditures on the paramilitary and police. Yes, this is usually not even understood as a subsidy. The selective understanding ability of the Entitled is remarkable.
Prakash Thangavel
Prakash Thangavel Just compare the interest rates for agriculture (13%) with rest (home 9.3%, car 9.6% and interest free loan for audi car?), you will get the picture.
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan Whatever suits us we normalize ! That is what education seems to teach us. I see such disgraceful dishonesty and double standards in the educated - the more educated the worse.
Rahul Banerjee
Rahul Banerjee the police are given awards for terrorising protesting farmers and workers!!
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan  I marvel at the self serving obtuseness of the privileged. At their ferocious sense of entitlement. How many (even if they claim to be demigods because they have a piece of paper from Stanford or IIT or wherever) understand that their essential wealth is because each person who has supported them, the farmer, the weaver or the floor worker in the mill, the watchman outside, each has been grossly underpaid to the extent of living undernourished lives and bringing up undernourished children.
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan But in a sense I understand. Because to face it, and to understand one's own complicity in it, partly willing and partly unwilling, is to die a little each day. Far far easier to evade it.
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan Easier to practice a charity that does not in the least destabilize one's own lifestyle. And to write searing articles. And advocate what 'the government should do, and what the neighbour should do. And education equips one to do all this pretty well !

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