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FB Discussions - and McCaulay won ?

Aparna Krishnan September 20, 2015 at 4:01pm
"My generation (born in 60's) was so tolerant of Indian indigenous spiritual traditions , all of them educated in English-Medium schools and proper colleges and US and UK "schools" , that whenever I used the word "Mystic" , they laughed it off and said , you mean "Mistake" !
I have never met a more self-hating elite than the Indian one in any country . The Thais , Sri Lankans and even the Bangladeshi are more coherent and self-appreciatory.
Macaulay should be a happy man in his British Heaven ."
(via Sunny Narang )


Vipin Sharma India is a rich country inhabited by poor people both materially and spiritually. Although India should have taken a lead in spirituality, but our people unfortunately got themselves entangled in ritualism. The rich philosophical and spiritual traditions were mocked at by aping the western philosophy and culture. And now we find India to be a country where fraud thrives, look at the kind of self styled God men that we have, and there are millions of followers of such fraudsters, even after they are exposed. It is a shame that Yoga that is India's gift to the world is getting increasingly popular in the West and now Indians will follow Yoga because the West has approved of it.

Mark Johnston Interesting that Macauly had a Scottish highland name. The banning of speaking or even singing Gaelic and the subsequent forcing of compulsory English language education on Scots (taught of course by Protestant not Catholic ministers) and even the banning of the wearing of tartan, our early version of khadi, were all still fresh victories of the British State as was the destroying of the traditional subsistence agriculture to make way for the agricultural 'improvements' that favoured the rich and cleared people from the land to industrialised cities, the army or abroad. For someone who had seen the damage done to his own people to then be able to enforce with vigour much the same set of policies on the people of India is something I just cannot fathom.

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