Sunday, 25 September 2016

FB Discussions - Brain Drain

How positions change as one moves from twenties to forties ...
'Actually am all for 'brain drain' also - what i agonised over when young. Now I feel only those who ache to help the country are useful for this country - and they will anyway not get brain-drained. Others may leave with best wishes.'

Zakeena Seethi What about the money that the govt invest in their studies?

Aparna Krishnan Thats our fault for having funded them ! They can take it as a gift from a poor country !!!
Aparna Krishnan but more seriously 1. its not money only.When a poor country invests money it invests its hopes and dreams - and the money it invests is money that the poor desperately needed. After that what those people do deends on their concscience and god.

Aparna Krishnan 2. what they are 'taught' is mostly irrelevent to the problems of the poor - imo the most critical problems of the country. The country needs to decide why it is 'funding the rich', or 'the children of the rich' in studies that will basically build their careers only.
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