Sunday, 30 October 2016

Homes are mopped with cowdung

Cowdung in rural India, is valued, used at homes to apply on walls and floor and on the winnow, in fields as manure, by people as a medicine, and also worshipped.

Swarna Latha That's why i'm upset at the liberal usage of the word 'bullshit' as though it was the most useless of things.

Aparna Krishnan The modern educated saviours of the country would do well to first understand the country, and respect it.
Chitra Sharan  When and where did we lose all these practices?
Sridhar Lakshmanan When we went to college in US of A I guess:-)
Aparna Krishnan Or when the colleges of USA became part of every primary and secondary school in india. Their norms define our world view, and that is what we bow to.
Gyan Mitra Indian cow dung does not allow X Rays to pass through. Maybe it protects us from mutations from cosmic rays ?

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