Thursday, 13 October 2016

Jeevani - Ghee need not increase cholestrol

(From Jeevani - Ayurveda for Women by Dr. P.L.T. Girija)
It is a common myth that ghee increases cholesterol and
triglycerides. We present four case studies to dispel this myth.

Trivikraman had been found to have high triglycerides, when
he went for a “master health checkup”. He was administered
medicines but his triglyceride levels were erratic and would go as
high as 800. When the readings shot up, he would get severe
abdominal pains and would need hospitalization. In the hospital, he was maintained on IV fluids and medicines and his cholesterol
levels were brought down. The four hospitalizations over the last
four years had cost him over two lakhs of rupees. After each
hospitalization his medicines would be altered, but the same
situation would recur.

The pains were attributed to his pancreas having got affected
due to the medication he was on. He was suspected of being an
alcoholic, given the damage to his pancreas, and so insurance also
became a problem. In the course of this treatment he lost his
business, health and peace of mind. He was advised to eat very little at a time so as to reduce the load on his digestive system. His wife cut out ghee and oils from his diet and was at her wit’s end when despite everything his triglycerides kept mounting. The readings would touch 800. He gave up on allopathic drugs and turned to Ayurveda. It reduced his triglyceride levels to some extent but then he was on a diet which was totally devoid of ghee and oil.
When he came to Sanjeevani, he was prescribed a medicated
ghee and told to add ghee and oil to his diet. In a week his
triglyceride levels dropped from 390 to 255. Such a drop had been
achieved earlier only with a week of hospitalization and with
having been only on IV. He regained his health with this Ayurvedic

The comment of a senior allopathic physician in this case is
that treatment of hyperlipidaemia with statins and fibrates, as is
commonly done, is avoidable as it can have very severe side-effects
including muscle damage, ending in renal (kidney) failure.

In any case, according to Ayurvedic understanding, a patient who requires fats has to be given medicated ghees / oils as fats. The fact of his triglyceride levels being high is irrelevant. And only this treatment succeeded in bringing his triglycerides to normal levels.

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